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The company's service has formed its own service brand. Each office will adhere to the purpose of enterprise service and will provide you with rigorous and thoughtful high-quality service. Hereby, the 400-116-9988 service hotline has been launched.

After-sales Service Work

Zhejiang Wantong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has always insisted on establishing a customer service center to fully serve users. Ship deck machinery products are important supporting products in the shipbuilding industry. The after-sales service of the shipbuilding industry is different from other industries, because the ship service is a dynamic network that needs to meet the requirements of different users no matter where in the world. The domestic after-sales service network, under the guidance of the customer service center, is mainly carried out in the form of offices, and at the same time is equipped with sufficient manpower and material resources, mainly responsible for Zhejiang coastal market for Zhejiang Ningbo after-sales service point; Shandong office is responsible for Shandong, Liaoning Market service work; Anhui Fuhu and Chongqing offices are responsible for markets along the Yangtze River; Jiangsu Yangzhou Office is responsible for after-sales service in Jiangsu market; Guangdong Office is responsible for after-sales service in Guangdong and Fujian markets. Each office provides after-sales service support to dealers and users in their respective regions. Enable users to enjoy high-quality after-sales service. At the same time, the company signed a cooperation agreement with KPM Power Technology (China) Co., Ltd. in the form of service outsourcing, realizing the global service of products and greatly enhancing the competitiveness of enterprise products. After-sales service is the process of realizing the value-added of enterprises. After-sales service is not only responsible for customers, but also plays a huge role in promoting the development, improvement and brand status of the company.

In order to quickly respond to the customer's requirements for the three-guarantee service, we have established a service process in which the company's customer service center guides the sellers in the area under its jurisdiction to quickly handle on-site processing. After receiving the user's opinion, the company's customer service center will immediately notify the company's offices or personnel stationed in various places through the evaluation of the consumer's opinion.

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Add: No.680 Haichang Road, binhai Industry
Area, Taizhou City, zhejiang Province, China

Tel: 0576-89207521   89207507

Fax: 0576-89207522   89207555