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Protective devices for cranes

2021-09-01 09:36:14

The protection device of crane is indispensable. No matter what type of crane, it is necessary to install the protection device to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Generally, the necessary protection devices include overload protection device, torque limiter, limit position limiter, windproof device, anti roll back device, buffer, etc. How to check whether the performance is good and play a protective role?

(1) Overload protection device

This is to protect the equipment from overload. It needs to meet the design requirements, check whether the protection device is sensitive and reliable, and check whether the comprehensive error of mechanical, electronic and comprehensive overload protector alarm and cut-off power source setting point meets the requirements.

(2) Torque limiter

Moment limiter is a safety device for preventing overload and overturning of jib crane. Check the sensitivity and reliability of the torque limiter by increasing the amplitude or weight, and check whether the error is within the design range.

(3) Limit position limiter

Check whether the luffing mechanism, lifting mechanism and operating mechanism of the lifting equipment can generate an alarm signal when they reach the set position distance, and automatically cut off the power source running in the dangerous direction.

(4) Windproof device

The main reason is that the outdoor crane should be equipped with windproof device. Whether the alarm can be accurately given when the wind speed set point or the working limit wind speed is reached. It is necessary to regularly check whether the parts of rail clamp and anchor device are deformed and worn, and whether they affect the service performance.

(5) Buffer

This is to avoid collision and operate more safely. For different types of cranes with different lifting weights and operating speeds, check whether the configured buffers match, and check the integrity of the buffers and whether they can touch the stops at both ends at the same time.



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