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Precautions for selection of hydraulic marine crane

2021-09-01 09:22:52

The purchase of hydraulic marine crane is the concern of many users. The following small series will share with you the relevant problems about the purchase of hydraulic marine crane.


The brand of hydraulic marine crane is very important. With the continuous development of the crane industry, users do not know how to choose products of many brands, or they already have a suitable brand choice in their mind, but after being lobbied by others, their choice wavered. In fact, the way to solve this problem is to compare, first understand their own needs for cranes, and compare them with each other through cranes of the same specification, so that they can be well selected and screened.


Proper is good. When picking crane accessories, you must also pay attention to: is the model of the product appropriate? What are the specifications? How compatible? When purchasing electrical accessories, pay attention to check whether the voltage and power are consistent with the replaced parts; When purchasing bearings, pay attention to the type of bearings, etc. Specific analysis of the specific situation, these need to be summarized by the buyer in the actual situation, so as to avoid undue losses caused by wrong buying and wrong loading.

Production details

Although there are many accessories for engineering simple hydraulic marine crane, generally speaking, the purchase mainly depends on whether its geometric dimension is deformed, whether the part surface is rusted, whether the protective surface is intact, whether the bonding parts are loose, whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether the assembly parts are missing, whether the assembly marks are clear, whether the mating surface is worn, etc. these generally require the accumulation of experience, If you are a novice, you can be accompanied by people with relevant experience, so that you can have a good understanding of this product machine.



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