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Factors of unqualified crane inspection

2021-09-01 10:34:54

The large mechanical equipment of crane, no matter what type, needs to be strictly inspected, but many times the inspection of crane is unqualified. There are many factors, mainly including the following points.

Incomplete equipment data

During the inspection of the crane, the product mark of the crane is often different from the provisions of the preparation method of crane transportation machinery. According to the provisions of the crane, the working level of the crane will be divided into a1-a8 and other levels.

Unreasonable crane setting

In the production process of the crane, some parts are missing. According to the requirements of the crane safety regulations, the crane must have the function of voltage loss protection. The voltage loss protection is carried out through the start button switch and contactor, but it is not started. The tonnage of the crane is often replaced by the emergency switch when starting. With the passage of time, the emergency switch will be worn, which will affect the response capacity of the crane in an emergency and lead to safety accidents.

Ignore the installation of grounding wire

The safety specification of the crane clearly stipulates that the connection between the cab and the crane itself shall not be less than two when bolted. In the crane, workers often pay attention to whether the quality of electrical equipment meets the specifications and ignore it. Therefore, when the crane works, it will often damage the personal safety of the driver.

Non standard design

In all parts of the crane, the installation of the main line contactor will be ignored by many designers, so it will not leave too much space for the installer to install the main line contactor. The contact points of all operating systems are easy to stick, which will adversely affect the work of the crane.



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