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Prevention of crane accidents

2021-09-01 10:32:10

1、Subjective causes of crane accidents

(1) The driver's work experience is insufficient and his mind is paralyzed. After the crane is placed, the object to be lifted cannot be carefully checked and its weight can be lifted blindly.

(2) The driver operated against the rules and failed to strictly comply with the strict provisions of various technical parameters during truck crane hoisting, resulting in too long jib and too large boom range, resulting in accidents.

(3) The vehicle management department lacks management and fails to arrange special personnel to conduct on-site command during hoisting operation.

2、Objective causes of crane accidents

(1) The truck crane is not equipped with torque device, so it can not provide accurate technical parameters for the driver to avoid such accidents.

(2) The construction party failed to provide the driver with the details of the lifted object (such as size, weight, etc.). During the lifting, the connecting arm was still lying in the closed carriage, and the driver could not observe it in detail and estimate its weight before lifting it away from the carriage.

3、Preventive measures

(1) Strengthen the education of operation procedures for drivers so that they can master relevant technologies skillfully.

(2) Strictly comply with the requirements of laws and regulations such as the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment. Drivers must work with certificates, and regularly inspect and monitor vehicles.

(3) For the operation items on special site, the hoisting unit shall conduct detailed investigation and demonstration, formulate detailed operation plan, and arrange full-time personnel for on-site command.

(4) The installation of torque converter on the vehicle can fundamentally eliminate the hidden danger of irregularity due to overload.

(5) When selecting the hoisting site, it is necessary to select a flat and hard open site without looseness, collapse and sewer well cover.

(6) Maintain the vehicle and ensure that the vehicle is in good technical condition. In particular, regularly check whether the main boom, outrigger cylinder, support pad, luffing cylinder and other components have cracks, oil leakage and other phenomena.

(7) Before the wharf crane company prompts the hoisting, the driver must estimate the weight of each hoisting object, and blind hoisting is strictly prohibited.



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