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Advantages of using pneumatic hoist in crane

2021-09-01 09:11:32

In the industry of applying pneumatic hoist in crane, the application of this kind of equipment only requires the user to send the necessary compressed air, which is the drive. Therefore, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high efficiency. At the same time, it also has the performance of air cut-off and guard. If it is suddenly short, it can ensure that the work piece does not fall and fall. The positioning of this kind of equipment is quite accurate, which can prevent the inaccurate positioning of ordinary products, and can also accurately locate the loaded goods to cm.

The speed of the pneumatic hoist can be adjusted. When it rises or falls, it can be adjusted steplessly. The running speed is three times that of the electric hoist and five to ten times that of the chain hoist; Its operation is quite simple, and the pull rod control operation is quite simple. When it rises or falls, it can quickly control the conveying behavior of the corresponding handle; When applied, the smooth system inside will eradicate air pollution, so it can be applied in the unique environment of wetting high dust. It is quite clean, environmentally friendly, safe and useful.

In addition to paying attention to the elegant appearance, the pneumatic hoist equipment used by the crane also has simple handling and stable structural design, which makes the operation more reliable and less care. In terms of technology, the equipment also effectively carries forward the key technology of braking gas system and low protection, so as to effectively prevent the damage to the equipment caused by overload.

Its cut-off guard can effectively prevent the source from suddenly stopping and forming the risk of sudden fall of heavy objects. Therefore, it can make the equipment own further character and safe guard, and also free many users from the confusion and danger caused by equipment promotion or falling; Of course, its application life will be longer than that of common similar products, which also saves many users from reporting the nature of products.



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