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Bearing details of crane accessories

2021-09-01 10:39:39

In the reducer of the crane or in the bearing box of the wheel, if the direction of the inner race of the radial bearing and the radial push bearing is on the shaft at a fixed position, so when these shafts rotate, the devices on the outer race of the equipment are in the bore of the fixed bearing seat, which can be installed in the bearing sleeve of the bearing seat fixed on the device, and can also be installed according to the type and mode of the bearing, This is determined according to the needs of use.

When fixing the bearing device of lifting accessories, it is also necessary to consider the purpose and structure of the mechanism, the type of transmission device of the equipment, the type of bearing, the nature of force, the size and direction of use, the distance between the bearings of the equipment, the overall layout of the bearing on the equipment and some use conditions.

When the cantilever crane selects the "operation state change-over switch" position, it must be consistent with the operation form of the boom used, otherwise it may cause damage or accident to the crane. Due to different models, the above items will be different, and the instructions for the use of full-automatic overload prevention device must be followed. After operation, the cantilever crane shall retract all arms, put them on the front boom support and hang the hook.

Bearing is a very important accessory of single beam crane. There are many matters needing attention when installing and fixing the bearing of lifting accessories. The main reason is that after the crane selects the type of bearing of each shaft and determines the size, it must select the device mode and fixing method of the bearing on the shaft or in the bearing hole, and the method is also very important.



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