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Research on energy saving direction of wharf crane

2021-11-24 08:38:37

With the rapid development of economy, the demand for cranes in construction industry, wharf freight transportation and metallurgical industry is increasing, and cranes are developing towards large-scale automation and multi-functional complexity. However, the energy consumption of lifting motors is higher and higher, but the global energy crisis is worsening at the same time, and energy conservation and emission reduction is also the national policy implemented by our country. Therefore, how to improve the energy utilization rate of wharf crane, reduce power consumption and achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction has become the focus of research in the industry.

With the development of technology, the energy-saving control mode of crane has been more and more widely studied and developed. The development and application of more and more advanced crane control system. The development and application of energy-saving motor is of great help to the energy saving of crane. Energy saving frequency converter control has been widely used in frequency converter and technology integrated torque control mode. Various energy-saving design and research have made certain achievements in crane. It is believed that the energy-saving effect of crane will reach an ideal state in the near future.



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Add: No.680 Haichang Road, binhai Industry
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