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Safety operation specification for marine crane operation

2021-11-01 08:20:13

1. Before operation: carry out no-load operation and check whether all parts of the equipment are normal. Clamp the hard and soft change rope of the boom in a proper position, and the middle change rope shall be tightened. The hook, steel wire rope, safety device and other parts of the equipment shall be closely inspected. If any hidden danger is found, it shall be removed in time before operation.

2. During operation: when lifting the goods for the first time, the pre lifting test shall be carried out first, and the normal operation shall be carried out after confirming the safety. In addition, its operators must keep in mind the "ten no lifting" principle of crane operation and strictly standardize the operation requirements of marine cranes. Overload operation is strictly prohibited. Special tools shall be used for hoisting and leveling machinery, and safety protection measures shall be taken.

It is not allowed to drop the suspender (double suspender) without authorization. People are not allowed to drive the motor car when the hook is facing or under the operation line. The inside and outside inclination of the ship shall not exceed 3 degrees. Before moving the elevated, the coal on the belt conveyor shall be discharged, and it can be moved after shutdown. Check whether the control line of the switch box is damaged. If any damage is found, immediately notify the electrician for treatment, and operation is not allowed without treatment.

3. After operation: first turn out the overhead belt conveyor and then pick up the coal pocket. For the marine crane that completes the hoisting operation, pay attention to the placement position of the crane and controller, and cut off the power supply. In addition, the operators shall do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crane and prepare for the next shift. Cut off the power supply in time and coil the cable of the switch box to the designated place.



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